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My hosting provider is removing older versions of PHP. WIll EE still work?
Posted: 14 May 2012 02:08 PM
Joined: 2003-11-12
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I got this email from my hosting provider:

Beginning May 31st, we will be removing PHP 4 and older versions of PHP 5,

replacing them with the newer, more stable, and more secure PHP 5.3.10."

I have EE versions:

1.5.2 and 1.6.8.

Will either of these versions experience problems after May 31st for me?


version 1.6.7
Build:  20090515

Posted: 15 May 2012 11:10 AM   [ # 1 ]
Joined: 2005-10-18
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Hi Ryan 2010,

The requirements for ExpressionEngine 1.x state PHP 4 and up, so you *should* be OK.

I would suggest that you update to version 1.7.2 just to be in good shape. There have been a few security enhancements since either of those versions of EE were current.