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Why Use ExpressionEngine?

Supreme Design Flexibility

If you can dream it, ExpressionEngine can help you build it. That's why web professionals heart EE's flexible approach. We keep our hands out of your design so the only limit is your creativity.

ExpressionEngine's renowned flexibility allows you to build websites that fulfill your needs and creative vision entirely. ExpressionEngine grows and scales in unison with your business.

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Simple, Friendly Templates

Tired of complex template code? Our designer-friendly template language doesn't mandate your work flow. Flexible human-readable templates allow you to create how you see fit.


HTML As Usual

An HTML document. As you can see an ExpressionEngine template is just enhanced HTML. No tricks. With ExpressionEngine, you write HTML as you normally would, sprinkling in data using human-readable template tags.


Template Tags

Output ten entries from the data channel called "news" (you specify the name, it could be "thoughts" or "badgerland"). Template tags allow you to inject "real" data (like blog posts, portfolio pieces, or anything else) into your markup as the need arises.


Outputting Data

Output a piece of data within the news channel called "author". Using this same approach you could construct a blog, a gallery, a lifestream, a {passion} of your choosing!


Closing Tag

The end of the "news" channel loop. Everything before this closing tag gets repeated up to 10 times (since in the opening template tag there is this: "limit=10").

<!DOCTYPE html>
title>What is New</title>
meta charset="utf-8">
h1>All the news that is fit to pixelize.</h1>
{exp:channel:entries channel="news" limit="10"}♛
p>By {author}</p>

Easily Accommodates Complexity

Hairy problems and killer ideas are EE's bread & tofu (hi vegans). This is because you can define multiple channels of data and recombine them very flexibly.


Create Once, Publish Everywhere


Good web developers aim to create reusable content—content that is separated from presentation. It's a cornerstone of Responsive Web Development and something ExpressionEngine is a natural at.

Modular and Extensible

ExpressionEngine doesn't dictate your work flow, it's Modular and extensible by design with an active third-party add-on community.