• Can ExpressionEngine Do ThatBe ResponsiveScaleOutput JSONFly KitesBe The Backend?

    Yes! The answer is always yes. Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. And whatever the idea, ExpressionEngine can. But don't take our word for it, just look at what You and ExpressionEngine have already done together.

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  • Exceptionally Secure

    And we're not talking about ExpressionEngine's self esteem. ExpressionEngine has never had a major security vulnerability, in eleven years and counting. Security in ExpressionEngine is of tremendous importance to our team.

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  • All the Tools

    ExpressionEngine comes with an amazing set of tools, but sometimes you just need more. ExpressionEngine is supported by a thriving third party add-on community, for when you need one more hammer.

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ExpressionEngine Features

even more features

Your Design, Your Way

Your markup, custom design, Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, whatever your pleasure. Even themes created for other platforms can be modified to work with ExpressionEngine. It doesn't force any design upon your site or mess with your HTML/CSS/JS mastery.

Your Content, Your Way

Create reusable content separate from your design. Deliver it to any platform, in the way that you need. Create once, publish everywhere.

Your Security, Our Priority

ExpressionEngine has earned an 11+ year reputation of being supremely secure, because we take security seriously. Plus, you get full access to the source code, enabling easy auditing and customization when necessary.

Your Features, Check

If it's not in the box, you can add it to the box. Creating ExpressionEngine add-ons is simple and enables all levels of platform customization great and small. Thousands of add-ons are available, and a community teeming with skilled developers is available.

10 Cool Things You Can Do With ExpressionEngine

Blue Fish, September 16, 2014

I really don’t understand why WordPress gets all of the attention when it comes to Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Because quite honestly I find that ExpressionEngine has all the same functionality and then some… The main benefit that I find with ExpressionEngine over WordPress is that the workflow for all of this information can be the same as the workflow for the content versus having to specify all this stuff in different areas of the control panel.

Marcus Neto, Blue Fish

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Multiple Site Manager

Infinite Flexibility

Corporate identity, real estate, hobby, photography, musicians, magazines, video games, pro athletes, government, bloggers, restaurants. ExpressionEngine can be used to build just about any type of site, and can even split and share content between other sites that your organization owns with multiple site manager.

Commerce with Content as King

ExpressionEngine lets publishers focus on ecommerce while still putting content first. There are options that fit just about any need, with CartThrob, Expresso Store, BrilliantRetail, and more.

Supercharged hosting

Nexcess is EllisLab's official Enterprise Hosting Partner, providing a finely tuned hosting environment for your ExpressionEngine powered web sites.