Trademark Use Policy

EllisLab’s trademarks identify our products and distinguish them from those of others. Our trademarks are valuable assets that should be treated with the care.

As appropriate, EllisLab will protect its trademarks to maintain its ownership of the mark and the brand equity in them. Accordingly, EllisLab requests that you respect our efforts to ensure that our trademarks continue to represent the quality and consistency expected from our brands.

Permissible Trademark Use Policy

  1. Do not make unauthorized or confusing use of EllisLab’s trademarks or variations of them, including creating the impression that EllisLab sponsors or endorses your website, products, or services. By way of example only, do not create the impression that you are in partnership with or sponsored by EllisLab.
  2. Use the ® trademark registration symbol when you use EllisLab’s registered trademarks, which are identified below.
  3. Use capitalization and bold or italic fonts to distinguish EllisLab’s trademarks from the text around them
  4. Place a conspicuous legend at least once on webpages using EllisLab’s trademarks and on the title page of any documentation or sales literature bearing EllisLab’s trademarks. An example of an acceptable legend is:
    The _________ mark is owned and may be registered by EllisLab Corp.
    [in each case, fill the blank space with each mark you are using]
  5. Place a disclaimer conspicuously at least once on webpages using EllisLab’s trademarks and on the title page of any documentation or sales literature bearing EllisLab’s trademarks. An example of an acceptable disclaimer is:
    _________ is an independent _________ and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by EllisLab Corp.
    [in each case, fill the blank space with the name and type of your product]
  6. Do not change the spelling, make other changes to EllisLab’s trademarks, or combine EllisLab’s trademarks with any other trademark, term, or designation.
  7. Do not use EllisLab’s trademarks in connection with disparaging EllisLab or its products or services.
  8. Use a particular EllisLab trademark only in connection with goods and services directly related to the EllisLab product or service associated with that trademark. By way of example, do not use EllisLab’s trademarks in connection with unrelated merchandise such as T-shirts or promotional items.
  9. Do not use EllisLab’s trademarks or any variation of them in your domain name or URL. By way of examples only, “” and “” would not comply with this policy. The only exception to this restriction is that you may use the common abbreviations for EllisLab products as part of a domain name, including the common abbreviations EE, MM, EL For example, you may use the following domain name: “”.
  10. Do not use EllisLab’s trademarks for your own products and services that are related to web publishing, programming frameworks, or related software.
  11. Do not claim ownership rights in any EllisLab trademark. By way of example, do not attempt to register an EllisLab trademark by itself or in combination with your trademarks or another designation.

Frequently Asked

What are EllisLab’s trademarks?

The following are registered trademarks of EllisLab Corp.:

  • EllisLab®
  • ExpressionEngine®
  • Publish Your Universe®

The following are additional but unregistered trademarks owned by EllisLab:

Some of EllisLab’s trademarks are registered in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. Please contact us if you have a question about registration of a particular mark. EllisLab may amend the list of registered and unregistered trademarks from time to time.

What is the proper syntax and protocol for identifying EllisLab’s products and assets?

Below you will find the correct spelling and structure for all of our current brands. You will also see two examples each of incorrect usage.

  • EllisLab
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Ellis Lab
  • Expression Engine
  • Ellislab
  • Expressionengine

You’ll notice that all EllisLab products follow a similar naming pattern: Two words, with no space in between. The first letter in each word is capitalized.

Can I use graphic/logo versions of EllisLab’s trademarks?

We are happy to supply vector formatted versions of our logos for use. Please follow the terms below when utilizing these logos for your projects.

You can also download All the Logos

Logo Guidelines and Usage Terms.

You may download and use the provided logos provided the following terms of use are met.

  • All terms of the permissible trademark use policy above apply.
  • You may resize the graphic/logo version of EllisLab’s trademarks for your intended use, but do not combined with them with each other or any other design element, such as photography, type, borders, nor can it be incorporated into another logo or graphic.
  • Do not use the logo/graphic as general artwork for use unrelated to EllisLab’s products, e.g. the ExpressionEngine logo could not be used as artwork on a decal for a power company’s truck, nor could the distinctive silhouette be used as a generic emblem or graphic on a web site.

I have a product that I now see is in violation of this policy, what can I do?

Unfortunately, we must protect our trademarks to maintain our ownership of these asset names. That means that without an express written agreement with EllisLab, you will need to change the name, domain, logo, and/or marketing materials to ensure that your product or service does not infringe EllisLab’s trademarks or violate these guidelines.

Questions and this policy should be directed to

It is of course, always best to check with a lawyer before starting any venture to ensure that your branding does not infringe another company’s branding and marks.

I think I may have a special case here that doesn’t apply, or I’d like a more tightly branded trademark license. Who do I need to ask?

Please direct any questions on use of our trademarks to