Team Chemistry

On our tight-knit team, every person is like an element with unique properties. Though individually we wear development, creative and support hats, we combine together to break down problems.

James Mathias

Chief Creative Officer

Hopelessly in love and devoted to his wife of twenty years, their three sons, & daughter.

For the last sixteen years James has dedicated himself to helping make the Internet better.

Previously he bound books, landed hot air balloons, slung bird seed and changed your oil.

You’ll always find him at, where he draws, writes and shares too much.

Derek Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Derek is the son of a humble master craftsman who taught him to make and fix things for others and to take pride in what most don’t consider important. A former video producer from Illinois, Derek now calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest home. Derek has been making software from age six, when he and his father would copy BASIC programs from a magazine into the family’s magical 16-bit TI-99/4a replete with speech synthesizer. SAVE OLD CS1 little buddy, SAVE OLD CS1.

Rick Ellis

Founder & CFO

Rick Ellis has a diverse background in media technology, having worked in creative and technical capacities on interactive projects for Disney, to feature films for Oliver Stone, and almost every kind of web-based project in-between. EllisLab is the culmination of his passion for the internet and a desire to enable people to use it in meaningful ways.