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As of November 4, 2014, MojoMotor is a legacy product and no longer for sale so that we can commit all of our focus on ExpressionEngine. It will continue to receive support and security fixes until it is officially retired on November 4, 2015. For more information please see the Support FAQ: What is a legacy product? What is a retired product?

  • MojoMotor is hard to use

    while doing origami—one of the hobbies you may acquire while your client manages their own sites with MojoMotor.

  • Your site is the control panel

  • Exports to ExpressionEngine

    Need more power? If you outgrow MojoMotor you can auto-magically import your content into ExpressionEngine.

So simple anyone can use it

MojoMotor lets you manage a site's content with a simple, elegant toolset that shuns unnecessary complexity.

Integrate any design

Your workflow matters. You can design first, then Import effortlessly into MojoMotor.


Friendly Editing

MojoMotor pages are standard HTML pages, so any design can be integrated and imported into the system.

Drag and Drop

Drag-n-drop pages

Pages are managed via a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to easily and quickly create new pages and change page relationships and hierarchy.

No Administration

No Control Panel

MojoMotor embeds directly into your existing site, allowing you to edit and manage your content without having to log into a separate control panel. Your site is the control panel. Editing happens directly in your pages.

EE Import

ExpressionEngine Import

Need more power? If you outgrow MojoMotor you can import your content into ExpressionEngine.

MojoMotor fills the gap between a tightly hand-coded web site and a template-based CMS that’s easy for a non-programmer to update. With a little HTML and CSS knowledge, any designer can have a brochure-style site online in no time.

Dave Gnojek – Designojek