We make. Seventeen years of experience in web application building has taught us that we do our best when we make things. Other companies set out to make businesses or make communities. Instead, we set out to make incredible software.

Within a few years of founding our fledgling startup, a natural byproduct followed: We were building a successful business and a thriving community, both wonderful and unintentional side effects of making great things.

But with success came another unintentional side effect: endless opportunities.

And so we began solving problems big and small at breakneck speed, reacting immediately to each and every new request no matter how pressing, nor how insignificant, considering every new business opportunity that came our way, engaging in social networks, supporting events with our time and energy, chasing “enterprise” at the behest of our bigger clients, and on and on. Doing what we thought was necessary to nurture the community and grow the business.

All distractions from what created the wonderful community and the successful business to start with.

All distractions from enabling the cottage developer to stand toe to toe with Goliath, sling armed with our stone.

All distractions from what EllisLab is great at.

All distractions from making great things.

Well, we’ve learned.

Today, EllisLab deeply understands that we best serve our community and grow our business by returning to our roots. We’ve learned focus. That it’s okay, even necessary to say no. We’ve learned that chasing every opportunity and customer is overreaching. We’ve learned how meaningful our goals can be if we do not dilute our attention.

We make things. That’s all we do. That’s all we care to do. Most everything else is a distraction from that good and important work.

We hope you enjoy the things we make as much as we enjoy making them.