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Creating a Member Registration page
Posted: 11 July 2010 09:37 PM
Joined: 2009-05-14
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I am using EE 1.6.9 and I want to create a Member Registration form without using the Default member templates. I read the “Stand Alone Member Form” in the Articles, good stuff. Although, my form isn’t working , upon submit the site goes to the homepage.


Here is my code for the form… Also, when I had captcha code in there the image wasn’t appearing in the template

<form id='register_member_form' method="post" action="http://www.new.coopergraphicdesign.com/"  ]]>
input type="hidden" name="XID" value="{XID_HASH}" />
input type="hidden" name="ACT" value="<?php
$action_id = $FNS->fetch_action_id('Member', 'register_member');
?> " 
input type="hidden" name="RET" value="http://www.new.coopergraphicdesign.com/" />
input type="hidden" name="FROM" value="" />
p>Username <br />  <input type="text" name="username" value="" maxlength="32" class="input" size="25" style="width:300px" /></p>
p>Password <br /> <input type="password" name="password" value="" maxlength="32" class="input" size="25" style="width:300px" /></p>
p>Password <br />  <input type="password" name="password_confirm" value="" maxlength="32" class="input" size="25" style="width:300px" /></p>
p>Email <br />  <input type="text" name="email" value="" maxlength="120" class="input" size="40" style="width:300px" /></p>
p>URL <br />  <input type="text" name="url" value="" maxlength="100" class="input" size="25" style="width:300px" /></p>
p>Company <br />  <input type="text" name="company" value="" maxlength="100" class="input" size="25" style="width:300px" /></p>
input type='checkbox' name='accept_terms' value='y'  />
input type="submit" value="Submit" class="submit" /></p]]>

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