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EE 2.x Plugin: Textile
Posted: 04 December 2009 05:42 AM
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I have adapted the Textile Plugin to new ExpressionEngine 2.x architecture.

Just unzip the attached file to the third_party folder*:


*If you have moved the ‘system’-Folder to another path go there

The folder structure slightly differs from EE 1.x, the plugin has its own folder:


Use it in your templates in this way:




A short explanation and usage examples can be found here.

Known issues

2009/12/04: With current build (v2.0.0pb01, 20091203) it is not possible to add Textile formatting to a custom field in the controlpanel (Reported issue)


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Posted: 04 December 2009 05:47 PM   [ # 1 ]   [ Rating: 0 ]
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Now all we need is the Textile Editor Helper (TEH) to be ported over.


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Posted: 12 February 2010 07:56 AM   [ # 2 ]   [ Rating: 0 ]
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Just a quick tip; if you’re going to use Textile for comments for instance, like this:


.. make sure you’ve set “Comment Text Formatting: None” in “Channel Preferences -> Comment Posting Preferences” otherwise Textile won’t work (the comment will be “h2. this is my header” and Textile won’t touch it because of the ‘s).


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