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Friday Round Up Post - April 13th
Posted: 06 April 2012 03:12 PM
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Post your news for the April 13th #FRUP, or add it to the hashtag #FRUP on Twitter.



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Posted: 12 April 2012 09:20 AM   [ # 1 ]
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I am very happy to announce the final release of ProForm 1.0.

This represents a major milestone for ProForm, and I think you’ll really like the improvements I’ve made. This new release features an improved and much cleaner UI, multistep form support, a single template tag to render forms automatically, and even better support for 100% custom form markup. This is the biggest release for the module to date - and a lot of love and effort has gone into making it the best it can be.

I hope you like it.

Check out the new build on Devot:ee at:

Read up on the new features in the documentation at:

As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. Best contact method is through the support forums:

- Isaac


## Changelog ##

* Added multistep form support
* Added official HTML email support
* Created new Toolbar UI, which makes adding and managing fields from the form layout much easier
* Added new, single line tag to render a complete form by rendering the new sample template automatically:
  * {exp:proform:simple form="contact_us"}
* Added all-new sample template with:
  * Much better styling - and better HTML base if you want to do custom styles
  * Full multistep support
  * Default placeholders based on type and validation
  * Automatic jQuery UI selectors for date and time fields
* Added support for AJAX posting (returns form results and errors as a JSON object)
* Added support for headings inside a form
* Added option to allow redirecting data for a form to an existing DB table (experimental)
* Made all settings that ask for a field name into dropdowns

* Added options to control which columns show in entries listing
* Added new view entry page to show all fields and browser info for an entry
* Fixed some problems with entry listing pagination and incorrectly truncating values

* Added “time” field type
* Added back in real textarea field type to simplify creating these fields
* Renamed “string” fieldtype to “text”, to match the HTML input type
* Added support for a blank option to lists (“i.e. ‘Select an Item…’ message)
* Hiding length option for fields that do not use it
* Added field option to specify if fields are reusable (where they will show up in the new Toolbar’s Library section)
* Added list of forms that use a shared field to the field’s edit page

* Added a {field_validation} loop inside the {fields} loop to help with custom client-side validation / styling
* Added message:* params to allow overriding validation error messages
* Added error_delimiters to allow specifying the wrapper markup for error messages
* Added variable_prefix param to allow for specifying a custom prefix for all variables (resolves potential collisions with other tags)
* Added new {hidden_fields} variable pair
* Added new {selected} variable inside of {field_setting_list} to allow reselecting items more easily
* Added support for multiselect lists and proper validation for them

Fixed Issues
* Disabled automatic Field Name generation from Field Label, if editing an existing field.
* Fixed bugs with having multiple forms on a page
* Fixed a bug where fields are not properly renamed in a form’s DB table
* Fix problem with dirty warning incorrectly showing when clicking submit in some CP pages
* Fixed some bugs where IDs of Mailing Lists and Upload Preferences where incorrect due to an invalid use of array_merge
* Fixed a bug where editing a field removed form-specific overrides
* Fixed bugs in parsing some combinations of list field type options

* Heavily updated documentation
* Added quick-start info to README
* Added installation page to documentation

* Removed requirements to set an encryption_key - config is now stored in DB and represented by a secure hash
* Added logic to make uploaded filenames unique so that they cannot be guessed
* Refactored some internal structures to be much cleaner
* Refactored handling of form sessions to be easier to work with
* Added additional notification debugging code
* Added hidden option to allow use of encrypted form data (experimental)


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Posted: 13 April 2012 03:46 AM   [ # 2 ]
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Control Panel Entry manager Zenbu has been updated to 1.5.4, with mostly bug fixes.
Zenbu add-on on Devot:ee
Zenbu Changelog

Posted: 13 April 2012 01:31 PM   [ # 3 ]
Joined: 2008-11-19
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Thanks for your news! This week’s #FRUP is live.


18. Lover of the web. Pixel placer. Coffee Drinker. Owner of Cotter Interactive.