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Smarterwiki-linkify linkiwhat**solved**
Posted: 27 January 2011 11:08 PM
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Of course, 2 minutes later I figured it out! Sorry to bother, go ahead and delete this—-

I am trying to pull the images for the blog i am building from an *external* server.

I have done this before but for some reason I am hitting a snag this time.

Basically in the publish page, there is a text field where the user enters a link to an image. lets say


in the text field called


with formatting set to *none*

In my template I have:


What I should get, is an image displaying on my page, but what I am actually getting is:

a href=<span><a href="http://www.server.com/pic.jpgclass=smarterwiki-linkify">http://www.server.com/pic.jpg</a>" />

And a big fail on my rendered template. I have no idea why this is happening. Any ideas?


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Posted: 28 January 2011 10:02 AM   [ # 1 ]
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Glad to see you’re all set. Please post again as needed.