Why ExpressionEngine?


A Flexible Platform

Put ExpressionEngine in the hands of a talented web professional, and you'll find you've got a platform flexible and powerful enough to build almost anything you can imagine. From the beginning, ExpressionEngine was designed to easily manage and flexibly display multiple channels of content. No stiff, stodgy themes to wrestle with here.

Made for Easy Publishing

Publishing with ExpressionEngine is remarkably easy. The straight forward publishing screen gives you a point-and-click interface to enter content, so there's no need for a content editor to learn any programming or markup language.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Future-proof your investment. The web is now bigger than just web page publishing. Create and store your content in one place, but publish it through desktop web pages, mobile pages, mobile apps, RSS feeds, content APIs, and even future publishing channels not yet imagined.

Chunk Big & Chunk Small

Native custom content fields let you create and deliver content in many forms. Factor in the rich world of add-ons for ExpressionEngine, and now you have the tools to build a custom-built thing tailored to specific needs. Sweet.

Masters of Their Craft

The ExpressionEngine Community is second-to-none, filled with friendly, smart web professionals who build award-winning websites and develop the highest quality add-ons of any content management platform.

In Good Company

Some of the highest profile, highest trafficked sites on the web trust ExpressionEngine to deliver their users the perfect experience. Penny Arcade, Mumford & Sons, Trump International Realty, Paula Deen, A List Apart and both President Barack Obama’s campaigns, just to name a few.

The best of the best use ExpressionEngine every day. Within the ExpressionEngine Community, you'll find helpful advice, high-quality add-ons, and people working hard to push the web forward.

Craft the Experience

ExpressionEngine provides unlimited possibilities for you to create exactly the experience your clients deserve, front to back. No rigid themes or shoehorning. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and control over the front-end design with a template system that lets you drop content into your HTML and CSS.

No Programming Necessary

ExpressionEngine was built with designers in mind, so there's no need to learn a complicated programming language. Content is displayed on the front-end using easy and well-documented template tags.

World-Class Support

We’ve got the friendliest support people in the business, each one an expert ready to help you tackle that tough problem. EllisLab Support has plans that let you decide how urgently you need help, with guaranteed response times as swift as 1 business hour. And since we're supporting you as a person, you don't need a plan for each site: you're covered for unlimited installations.

Master a Single System

Since ExpressionEngine was designed to handle a wide range of content publishing needs, there's no need to jump from one CMS to another for each project that comes your way.

And since EllisLab Support covers you for any ExpressionEngine site you're working on, you're covered for every new project you take on.

ExpressionEngine Core

Free to download. And free for all personal and non-commercial projects to use in a live environment. ExpressionEngine Core lets you learn our flexible and designer friendly system without making a dent in your wallet.

Backed by EllisLab

The software that powers your website should be built by folks with skin in the game. ExpressionEngine is lovingly developed by EllisLab. We stake our reputation and livelihoods on making excellent software and helping people use it.