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2.10.1 User Guide

Multiple Site Manager

Manage multiple Sites from a single installation


The Multiple Site Manager does not alter the ExpressionEngine License Agreement. The license holder must be the owner of all Sites on a single installation.

One Installation, Multiple Websites

1 ExpressionEngine Installation, Multiple websites

The Multiple Site Manager empowers you to create and manage multiple “websites” (Sites) from a single ExpressionEngine installation. These Sites can use your existing domain, sub-domains, a brand new domain, or a combination of the above. Each Site is has its own set of preferences, templates, and channels. This lets you leverage a single ExpressionEngine installation across multiple internet properties.

Key Features

  • Multiple Sites from a single installation
  • Multiple Forums from a single installation (requires Discussion Forums 3.0)
  • Member Database is “installation wide”
  • Shared Member Groups across Sites
  • Member Groups can have per Site preferences.
  • Channels and Templates can be accessed across Sites
  • Intuitively organized Control Panel
  • Independent Preferences per site
  • Specialty Templates per Site (Login screens, member profiles, etc...)
  • Modules are Site Agnostic so any Site can use any Module.


  • Purchased license of the latest version of ExpressionEngine
  • All Sites must reside on the same server
  • If using sub-domains or domains, directories must be able to access your main installation system directory. Please see Setup Domains and Sub-domains for more information.
  • License holder must be the owner of all Sites

User Contributed Notes

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