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ExpressionEngine 3.4.4 Released

Between salivating over the new Microsoft Surface Studio commercial and watching the clock tick down to the “Hello Again” Apple keynote, grab a fresh download of the latest ExpressionEngine patch release.

There are 35+ bug fixes, including improvements to the handling of non-standard URLs in the search, tighter XSS filtering in the control panel, fixes to member imports and category 404 handling and more.

You can get rid of a Forum without throwing an error, act on spam items, and randomly

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Extended End-of-Life for ExpressionEngine 2

ExpressionEngine 2 Sunset

When we released ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 2 was scheduled for end-of-life on October 13. In this past year, we continued to offer v2 as an alternative for all new purchases, in case you had a v2 project already planned.

This was plenty of time for most customers, but there are still some folks who are unable to upgrade because they have been waiting for this or that add-on to be updated. As one specific example, somewhere just south of 20% of ExpressionEngine 2 sites used

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ExpressionEngine 3.4.3 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.4.3 is available today. This is a patch release with over a dozen bug fixes, some optimization, and a couple of security-minded improvements. Take a look at the changelog for the full list and download 3.4.3 today!

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ExpressionEngine 3.4.2 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.4.2 is available today. This is a patch release with 21 bug fixes and a handful of small improvements: you can now squelch developer log alerts in production environments and <mark> your titles. Check out the changelog for the full list and download 3.4.2 today!

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Better Model Searching in ExpressionEngine 3.4

With ExpressionEngine 3.4 we’ve added a new search() function to our models. It’s a clean API that developers will love. No more debugging of LIKE queries or complex string pre-processing. In the past you may have done something like this:

    ->join('channel_data', 'exp_channel_titles.entry_id = exp_channel_data.entry_id ', 'left');

$words = explode(' ', $search);

foreach ($words as $word)
    ee()->db->like('title', $word);

$entries =

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ExpressionEngine 3.4.1 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.4.1 is out, improving on the already great 3.4.0. This is a patch release with a number of bug fixes and continued security enhancements. Drop in two folders, click a button to update and enjoy the benefits of quick iterations! Check out the changelog for the full list and download 3.4.1 today.

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Channels Now Know Their Limits

Channel Limit Reached

Single Entry Channels are a good idea but why stop there? Introducing a powerful new Channel setting: “Maximum number of entries”. Limit content creation for a Channel to 1, 5, 20, or Ôł× entries. Any positive number, really, it’s flexible.

Now, when you want to have an “About Us” page editable by the client, simply create an “About Us” channel, limit it to one entry, and create that entry. You’ll never wonder what content will show up for your About Us page, because there is only one

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New Color Picker for Statuses

ExpressionEngine let’s you color-code entry statuses. But, it’s hard to remember all those digits for your favorite colors. Sure, I can write them down somewhere, or use a tool or website to find them, but that’s often more work than it’s worth. With the new color picker, selecting colors for your statuses is simple and intuitive.

Color Picker

The status color picker is new to ExpressionEngine 3.4.0, available now.

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ExpressionEngine 3.4.0 is Out!

We’re dropping another feature release on you, this one with some nice surprises. Grab it now and start playing or keep reading for the details.

Customizable Control Panel Menu

The ExpressionEngine v3 control panel is a marvel of responsive design and we have now engineered a way to give you the ability to add custom navigation without compromise.

CP Menu Manager

We hope you’ll love our new Menu Manager. Create nested menus, assign them to member groups, view on your phone without breaking anything!

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Managing Menus Masterfully

In ExpressionEngine versions one and two you could customize the control panel main menu.

Due to this flexibility a person could mimic the “drowning_in_icons” desktop effect with little effort, in turn making the menu less useful, in spite of its flexibility.

When I started working on the control panel for version three, I wanted to make the cp responsive, take away the “flexibility” of the menu, and curate a more consistent user experience. My heart was in the right place, but my head was

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