Reactor Engineer Opening

If you follow the Reactor team, you probably already know that the venerable Ed Finkler had to resign from his position due to personal time constraints.  That means that we have an opening, so if you feel that you qualify, please email {do_not_encode=" no further!" title="iwanttohelp at codeigniter dot com"} the following:

  1. CodeIgniter Username
  2. Link to your site profile, e.g.
  3. Three of your biggest contributions to CodeIgniter (can be code, a particular bit of feedback, etc.)
  4. A brief paragraph stating why you think you should be considered.

You can also nominate someone else by emailing the above information on their behalf.  In that case, please also include your CodeIgniter Username and link to your site profile along with your nominee’s.

If you submitted an application the first time around, please just send a brief email indicating that you are still interested.  We received a number of great applications, but we do need to ensure that the interest and time commitments have not changed.

Thanks Ed for the time you were able to give to the Reactor project, EllisLab and the community appreciate it!

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