Introducing Marcus Neto, Director of Enterprise Services

I’m pleased to formally introduce Marcus Neto, EllisLab’s Director of Enterprise Services. Long time members of the Community already know Marcus quite well. He runs Blue Fish Design Studios (a long time member of the Pro Net), EE Templates, he’s an Official Community Partner through Show-ee, and super active on Twitter (@marcusneto) and anywhere else he can help someone master ExpressionEngine.

Marcus has a background in enterprise sales and support via his former life consulting for the Federal Government, the Department of State, and implementing high level tools from IBM for corporate clients. He also knows what it’s like to be a freelancer and grow from a one person shop into a small team ready to make the jump to bigger opportunities. He’ll bring those experiences along with his down to earth approach to EllisLab.

Marcus’s primary responsibility is to help us shape what our Enterprise services look like from start to finish without resorting to “paradigm shifting” or “aligning our vertical spaces for maximum efficiencies.” We’re excited to work with Marcus because he understands that in order for EllisLab to succeed in the Enterprise, we have to remain true to our Community every step of the way.

You’ll also see Marcus providing technical support on the forums and helping out in sales as he makes himself at home here.

It is still too early for us to share any details, but certainly feel free to inundate Marcus with your thoughts, hopes, and dreams for what you’d like to see from EllisLab Enterprise services. He is at your service.

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