CodeIgniter 2.1.0 Belated Release Announcement

Since the announcement of CodeIgniter moving to GitHub three months ago at CICON2011 we’ve seen the community thrive. CodeIgniter quickly climbed the rankings on GitHub’s Most Watched PHP Projects page all the way up to 4th place at time of writing, we’ve had contributions from 77 developers, merged over 100 pull requests and we still have plenty more to go.

Instead of simply continuing the 2.0.x branch CodeIgniter is now on 2.1.x which not only signifies the impact of our contributions but reflects some bigger changes that have been added since the last version:

1. Migrations - version your database schema with simple up() and down() methods.
2. PDO Database Driver - CodeIgniter now supports PDO which opens up the number of Database engines you can use significant.
3. More PHP 5 syntax - since removing support for PHP 4 we’ve been deleting old PHP 4 code and replacing it with much quicker PHP 5 code.

These are a few of the largest changes but 2.1 brings a huge number of other changes which are all listed in the changelog.

With the move to Git and GitHub the EllisLab Team and the Engineers can support branches and multiple version management much easier. This means that while we work on fixing bugs in the stable 2.1 branch we can work on big new features such as HMVC and the integration of Sparks, along with some great ideas we’ll announce at a later date. All changes and bug fixes going into 2.1.x will be merged with 3.0 (the develop branch) as we go, so no work is being duplicated in development time. This simple means we need you to pick which branch to send your pull request to: bugs in 2.1 and new features in 3.0.

Other things waiting until the 3.0 release are the new User Guide and the change of license to OSL. These are some large changes which require time to finish up perfectly and the User Guide certainly is a work in progress. 3.0 will be a few months away so there is lots of time to get it perfect and you will all have a chance to help out on GitHub.

In the mean time we certainly suggest you upgrade. CodeIgniter 2.1 is a better, more stable, more useful version of 2.0 which should be perfectly compatible with your existing 2.0.x applications.

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