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Mark Simonson Relaunches on ExpressionEngine

Mark Simonson web page image

Renowned font designer Mark Simonson, creator of such fantastic fonts as Proxima Nova and one that may be near and dear to many developers’ hearts: Anonymous Pro, recently relaunched his portfolio site on ExpressionEngine. The superb team at Vector Media Group was brought in by Paravel to do the heavy lifting on the implementation inside of ExpressionEngine.

The project puts Mark’s fonts front and center with a fully responsive design that is a joy to browse from any device. Vector’s skillful implementation also takes full advantage of ExpressionEngine’s flexibility and empowers Mark with full editorial and feature control, including the ability to create new pages in the future with unique design elements.

Read the full case study at Vector Media group.

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BeerQuest Powered by CodeIgniter

The sharp minds at Feisty Goat Interactive have recently updated their iOS app BeerQuest. No matter where you are, BeerQuest helps you find and share places nearby for a delicious brew. Feisty Goat built the mobile REST API behind the app as well as the web site using CodeIgniter. From one of their developers:

I looked at other PHP frameworks along with other languages (Ruby, Scala) but kept going back to CodeIgniter. Its flexibility and ease of use are second to none in my book.

Of course we think that Feisty Goat Interactive made a great choice with CodeIgniter, but judging by the push notification in the first screenshot, they appear to have good taste all around.

BeerQuest iOS screenshots

BeerQuest website / BeerQuest on the iTunes App Store

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Coalescent Design Real Estate Success Story

Mike Cassie of Coalescent Design told us a story of their success with an extremely ambitious real estate website project, Macdonald Realty. We loved the story and wanted to share it to showcase what ExpressionEngine is capable of. But further, it exemplifies one of ExpressionEngine’s unique strengths in the content management platform market: the ability to quickly transform from a broadly useful CMS into one that is seemly targeted specifically for a particular industry and client.

In fact, in adding one relatively simple module it was as if we’d transformed a multi-purpose CMS into a real estate listings optimized CMS.

Read the full story behind the build of the Macdonald Realty site.

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Red Carrot Implements ExpressionEngine, Client Wins

Andrew Fairlie of Red Carrot, a web design agency in Kent, recently shared with us one of their ExpressionEngine success stories. They inherited a small to medium-sized client with an underperforming e-commerce site running Magento. Replacing it with the more flexible ExpressionEngine, Red Carrot eventually propelled the client to increase their e-commerce revenue six fold.

Stories like this really excite us, because that business is made up of people and families that now have a successful web site, earning revenue to improve their lives and those of their employees. Nothing makes us happier than to see our software make such a meaningful impact in your client’s lives.

Read the full details: Confection Perfection in the ExpressionEngine Showcase

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Rumbelow Publishes Volume Two of CodeIgniter Handbook Series

On September 3rd, Jamie Rumbelow published the second in his series of CodeIgniter handbooks, with the emphasis of volume two being API design. Here is the author’s press release:

Earlier this year I wrote and released The CodeIgniter Handbook - Vol. 1 - Who Needs Ruby? to critical acclaim. It’s been several months since the release of Volume One and everybody’s support, feedback and enthusiasm has been absolutely wonderful. To everyone who has purchased a copy, thank you.

I’m thrilled to

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