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GeeUp 2016: Automated Testing—It’s Not Just for Programmers

Kevin Cupp: Automated Testing

Adding features or making changes to a web site or app can cause anxiety. What if you break something and cause a bug? This week at the GeeUp conference in Leiden, EllisLab engineer Kevin Cupp will demistify automated testing. He will show you how you can know right away if your new changes are really working, increasing trust and stability of your code base.

The benefits of automated testing go beyond a programmer’s code. Kevin will also share some tips for automating tests that can help

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ExpressionEngine 3 E-Commerce is Here

Starting today you can get CartThrob for ExpressionEngine 3 in our store. Build content-first e-commerce sites with the most flexible CMS on the planet.

E-commerce for ExpressionEngine with CartThrob

When you use ExpressionEngine, you expect things to be flexible. To fit your design. To be secure. To have a great visitor experience that you have total control over. Why should you compromise those standards when you add e-commerce to your site?

CartThrob is a flexible e-commerce add-on, powered by ExpressionEngine. With the combination

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Only 7 Days Remain To Join Us at Peers!

In its fourth year, Peers Conference has hit its stride, and we are happy to be sponsoring once again. Join us April 13–15 in St. Petersburg, Florida for one of the more unique tech conferences around.

St. Petersburg, FL sunrise

Instead of the same old talks you’ve heard before, Peers is more of an opportunity to learn from your industry equals. People in the trenches just like you. Nearly half of the presenters are #womenintech. Its organizers understand that our industry is stronger when we help each other.


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Peers Conference 2016 Workshop: Modernize Your ExpressionEngine Install

Pascal Kriete Peers Conf Workshop

You’ve been wanting to upgrade to ExpressionEngine 3, but you’re faced with:

  • your own site, untouched in years
  • a client looking for a refresh
  • a site you’ve inherited from another developer
  • an ailing site you’ve been asked to fix
  • a site acquired by purchase or merger

Where do you start? What do you do with the PHP someone left in the templates? What about third-party abandonware, or the bespoke add-ons that no one remembers who wrote?

On Wednesday, April 13 in St. Petersburg, Florida, our

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Playa & Matrix Importer for ExpressionEngine 2

Today, we’re releasing a Playa and Matrix importer for ExpressionEngine 2. Playa and Matrix served common publishing needs and grew in popularity throughout ExpressionEngine’s history. We’ve since released and matured our native versions, the Relationship and Grid fieldtypes, to cover those same needs. Along with that came requests for a tool to migrate to our native solutions for the performance gain and to reduce dependencies.

Work started on a migration tool awhile back, but when Pixel &

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ExpressionEngine 3.1.4 Released

We just caught and fixed a bug in yesterday’s release that could result in data loss. It should only take a few seconds to update your site, but it is critical that you do so if your site makes use of the Comment module.

For a quick update from 3.1.3, after you download ExpressionEngine 3.1.4, simply replacing the system/ee folder and running the updater should do the trick.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, please accept our apologies along with some humble 3.1.4 pi.

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ExpressionEngine 3.1.3 Released

Just like a speedy and agile motorized drift trike we bring you ExpressionEngine 3.1.3 and announce that 3.2.0 is in Developer Preview! This patch release contains more than 30 bug fixes. Here are the highlights, but check out the changelog for the full list:

  • Added visual indicators to required grid columns.
  • Grid’s data type options now use the same names as the custom field’s type options.
  • When editing a grid column’s data type the options are now filtered based on field type compatibility.

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ExpressionEngine 2.10.3 Released

Near the end of December we gave our user guide a new home and we’ve been happy with it. Except there was one little glitch, all the v2 installs were still directing people to the old location! We’ve repaired that with 2.10.3. We also took the time to patch a few bugs (see our changelog).

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ExpressionEngine 3.1.2 Released

Full speed ahead, ExpressionEngine 3.1.2 is out the door! This is the second patch release for 3.1, and contains a couple dozen bug fixes. Some of the issues squashed:

  • Fixed a bug where relationship parsing could result in conditional errors.
  • Accessing some files should no longer wrongly accuse you of attempting to access files outside of a directory.
  • PHP 5.3 didn’t like something the Pages module was doing and complained loudly.
  • Deleting a field group didn’t delete its fields. Weak

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The Upgrade Sale is Back!

Our no-risk upgrade sale was so popular, now that 3.1 has launched with a bevy of great add-ons, we’re bringing it back! That means that ExpressionEngine 3 upgrades are $149 $99, and upgrading additional sites for your v2 license are $99 $49 each.

How is it no-risk? When you upgrade to v3, you still have access to the latest release of v2, so you can take your time migrating while benefitting from today’s savings. New purchases of version 3 include similar access.

The sale is active today

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