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ExpressionEngine 2.10.3 Released

Near the end of December we gave our user guide a new home and we’ve been happy with it. Except there was one little glitch, all the v2 installs were still directing people to the old location! We’ve repaired that with 2.10.3. We also took the time to patch a few bugs (see our changelog).

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ExpressionEngine 3.1.2 Released

Full speed ahead, ExpressionEngine 3.1.2 is out the door! This is the second patch release for 3.1, and contains a couple dozen bug fixes. Some of the issues squashed:

  • Fixed a bug where relationship parsing could result in conditional errors.
  • Accessing some files should no longer wrongly accuse you of attempting to access files outside of a directory.
  • PHP 5.3 didn’t like something the Pages module was doing and complained loudly.
  • Deleting a field group didn’t delete its fields. Weak

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The Upgrade Sale is Back!

Our no-risk upgrade sale was so popular, now that 3.1 has launched with a bevy of great add-ons, we’re bringing it back! That means that ExpressionEngine 3 upgrades are $149 $99, and upgrading additional sites for your v2 license are $99 $49 each.

How is it no-risk? When you upgrade to v3, you still have access to the latest release of v2, so you can take your time migrating while benefitting from today’s savings. New purchases of version 3 include similar access.

The sale is active today

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The ExpressionEngine Wiki is back and it’s Free!

I’m happy to announce that the ExpressionEngine Wiki module is now compatible with ExpressionEngine version 3 and is available for download on Github.

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New Add-ons for ExpressionEngine 3.1.0

As we mentioned a few weeks back, our main focus of ExpressionEngine 3.1.0 was on third-party developers. With 3.1.0, we’ve added hooks to enable even more awesome add-ons, which are now available.

Our community of developers have created feature-rich solutions for ExpressionEngine 3 that include:

  • search
  • SEO
  • event handling
  • asset management
  • backup solutions
  • navigation
  • real estate / MLS
  • and more!

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Coming Soon in ExpressionEngine 3.1.0

We’ve been working with third-party developers in our Developer Preview Program for the upcoming version 3.1.0, and we wanted to share some details with you ahead of its release. Our main goal for 3.1.0 is to add hooks that replace some old ones from v2. Third parties need these hooks for some of the great add-ons you’ve been waiting for v3 compatibility. So when we release 3.1.0, you can expect to see many of your favorite add-ons released around the same time.

But we didn’t want third

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New Home for the User Guide

The ExpressionEngine user guide is now at a new home. There you can find documentation for all major versions of ExpressionEngine, including legacy and retired versions.

If you target the specific versions in your links, they will remain good regardless of future releases. So your links to https://docs.expressionengine.com/v3/ currently redirect to latest/, but will continue to point to v3 docs even after we release 4.0 (which would itself become latest/).

The move returns the focus on

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ExpressionEngine 2.10.2 Released

Ho ho ho! I got so many letters from you asking for a maintenance release of ExpressionEngine 2.10 and since you’ve been good little boys and girls I asked the fine folks at EllisLab to make your Christmas wish come true! I’m told this maintenance release fixes a number of bugs, changes the password maximum length to 72 characters, improves New Relic transaction reporting, and added a notification to the File fieldtype when its file does not exist. There is a full changelog available.


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ExpressionEngine 3.0.4 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.0.4 is now available for download. You’ll find 30+ fixes this release, covering a wide swath of the code. File uploads now work for non-superadmins with proper permissions, the file picker now works when you have only a single upload directory, and we patched an intermittent issue with file synchronization. There were some important fixes to member management as well, especially if you have a large number of members. You can also approve pending members now, so it was

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ExpressionEngine 3.0.3 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.0.3 is out! 3 releases in 3 weeks- I’m starting to worry we’re going to sprain a developer.

This time the forum received lots of love, with several critical bug fixes going in. Now all of those folks who wanted to play with the ‘free in three’ forum module can do so!

There were also tweaks to Grid, custom field defaults, site and email settings and more. For a full list of changes, just visit the changelog.

Development also continues on the 3.1.0 release, with a new

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