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MinneWebCon Ticket Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to @mikemella from Be like water for winning our ticket giveaway to next month’s MinneWebCon!

If you’re within a drive or short flight to Minneapolis, and don’t have plans for April 13–14, you should really check this conference out. With three tracks and topics on design, front-end development, content strategy, and work, there is something for everyone. Register today!

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ExpressionEngine 2.9.3 Released

ExpressionEngine 2.9.3 has been released and is a stability release with 11 minor improvements, 44 bug fixes, 3 developer enchancements, and is recommended for all installations. This release mostly cleans up some small annoyances, but has a few relevant changes that will improve your site and how you work. For example:

  • Fixed a bug (#20621) where fieldtype modifiers were not working in conditionals unless they were braced and quoted.

This change means that you should be able to stop using

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MinneWebCon Ticket Giveaway

We are giving away a ticket to this year’s MinneWebCon in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 13–14. MinneWebCon focuses on grassroots knowledge-sharing. If that doesn’t sound like the ExpressionEngine community, I don’t know what does! MinneWebCon attracts many people who work in public and non-profit sectors, but has something for everybody. It was a no brainer for us to sponsor.

To enter, tweet why you love ExpressionEngine, following the official rules:

  • Tweet a brief reason why you love

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EllisLab <3 the UK

Calling all ExpressionEngine users in the UK (and within a short trip by boat/plane/car), there are two opportunities in March to meet and chat with our very own software engineer Kevin Cupp. He’s coming to London and Rye, England, and will be available at the following events:

The LondonEErs meeting has no topic set other than Kevin lending his ear, and he’s eager to speak to you. The ExpressionEngine Dev Day is focusing on Varnish

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ExpressionEngine Giveaway at March 4 ABQ Web Geeks Presentation

Are you a WordPress, Joomla, Textpattern, or Drupal user in the Albuequerque area who has been curious about ExpressionEngine? Or just new to ExpressionEngine and want to see what it’s capable of? Mark March 4, 2015 on your calendar and head to the ABQ Web Geeks presentation, “ExpressionEngine—A Practical Introduction.”

Seven year ExpressionEngine expert Caroline C. Blaker of Petroglyph Creative will give a live tour of ExpressionEngine and its ecosystem. She will not only explain what you

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Downloading Previous Versions

You can now download the previous version of your purchased software on your Manage Purchases page. In the case of ExpressionEngine, this means you can download the most mature version of one minor release back. This can be handy if you have bespoke add-ons that have not yet been tested on the latest version. For Multiple Site Manager and the Discussion Forums, it will also list which version of ExpressionEngine it is compatible with, which may include older versions of ExpressionEngine as

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Software Download Improvements, Part 2

On the back of last week’s improvements to your download area, we have made some additional improvements for usability:

  • Only Active licenses are shown by default. Inactive licenses (transfers and licenses that have since been upgraded) can be added in with the “Show Inactive” link, or shown exclusively with the “Only Inactive” link. This should help developers who purchase licenses and then transfer to their clients upon project delivery.
  • Registration pings have been consolidated for secondary domains, and the alert message when a license is seen to be in use in multiple locations has been modified to be more informative.
  • If you saw last week’s article when it was first posted, you may also have missed a feature we added later in the day: when you click on a license number, the whole license number is selected for you to make copy and paste a snap.

We have more updates in store for the future, but hope you find these changes handy.

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Software Download Improvements

If you head over to your Manage Purchases page, you’ll see some improvements in legibility, usability, and performance. Here are the highlights:

  • Orders are now more distinct, having eliminated a table view.
  • The intent of the “notes” field is more clear. It’s a place for you to put the domain or company that this license is used for.
  • The license number is more prominent, and we’ve eliminated some redundant links (documentation, license, changelog)
  • If you are an owner of dozens of licenses, you’ll find the page to be monumentally speedier.
  • The license number will select with a single click, to make copying to your clipboard simpler.
  • Last but not least, you can now filter to find the correct license with a new live search field. You can filter by license number, product, date, invoice number, license registration pings, and perhaps most importantly, your own notes.

We hope these improvements help you in managing your ExpressionEngine license purchases and downloads.

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MojoMotor is Now a Legacy Product

As was announced at this year’s ExpressionEngine Conference, MojoMotor is now a legacy product. We made this further simplification so that we can commit all of our focus on ExpressionEngine. MojoMotor is no longer for sale, but will continue to receive support and security fixes until it is officially retired on November 4, 2015.

For more information please see the Support FAQ: What is a legacy product? What is a retired product?

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Your Favorite PHP Framework, CodeIgniter, Has a New Home

When we announced that CodeIgniter was looking for a new home, a flood of emails began arriving from prospective candidates; emails which have continued even today. The question was easy: who do we entrust with the framework? The answer proved difficult due to the pressure of making the right choice for you.

We quickly rejected the inexperienced. We set aside those without the assets or time to manage such a large project. And we also turned away those with radically niche ideas for the

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