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ExpressionEngine 2.10.3 Released

Near the end of December we gave our user guide a new home and we’ve been happy with it. Except there was one little glitch, all the v2 installs were still directing people to the old location! We’ve repaired that with 2.10.3. We also took the time to patch a few bugs (see our changelog).

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ExpressionEngine 2.10.2 Released

Ho ho ho! I got so many letters from you asking for a maintenance release of ExpressionEngine 2.10 and since you’ve been good little boys and girls I asked the fine folks at EllisLab to make your Christmas wish come true! I’m told this maintenance release fixes a number of bugs, changes the password maximum length to 72 characters, improves New Relic transaction reporting, and added a notification to the File fieldtype when its file does not exist. There is a full changelog available.


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ExpressionEngine 2.3 Update, Improved Release Schedule

When I took over as CEO, two of my highest priorities were to change our internal development process so we could have a predictable release schedule and to improve the stability of our releases. We’ve seen definite improvement in both those areas this year, especially if you compare 2.1.x to 2.2.x. What follows is a summary of what we’ve learned so far and how we’re using that to improve.

At this point in time, we can do things internally as a company that we’ve never been successful at

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