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Easy Multi-device Local Development with xip.io

You are building a site locally and you’d like to quickly check your work on your iPad, iPhone, another computer, or maybe a client’s laptop. You could pay for a dynamic DNS service, setup a DNS server on your local network, or setup a proxy server perhaps. But there’s an easier way.

In my case I want to access my local feature branch of ExpressionEngine 3.0 on all my devices at home. The key is a “magic domain” service, xip.io.1

How to do it

I have my Apache VirtualHost and /etc/hosts file

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Developer Preview Status Update Week 3

The Developer Preview (DP) is now in its third week, and we thought we’d share some of the progress. DP1 was released July 13, 2015.

DP2 - released July 17, 2015

  • 28 external-facing issues addressed
  • 122 commits
  • 177 changed files
  • 2,236 new lines of code and 23,616 deletions.

Why all the deletions? This is the one where we wave goodbye to many legacy controllers. Some refactors of the new architecture have reduced lines of code necessary in controllers by as much as 90%.

DP3 - released July

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ExpressionEngine 3.0 Developer Preview Begins

Last week we mentioned that the ExpressionEngine 3.0 Developer Preview would be out this summer. It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and we’ve sent out the first release!

This initial Developer Preview release (DP1 or 3.0.0-dp.1) is a huge milestone. We still have a lot of work to do, and this release is not the finished product, not even a beta/functional preview. But it is ready to let some programmers outside of EllisLab start playing with the new architecture.

This includes the

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Modernize, Stabilize, Move Forward

Warning, tech content ahead!

ExpressionEngine 3.0 will bring tremendous foundational advancements without changing the things you know and love. The upcoming Developer Preview release (v3.0.0-dp.1 a.k.a. “DP1”) will not be feature complete nor will it be ready to run on a production site. It will have progressed to a point where it is safe to begin writing and converting add-ons. This will allow plenty of time to be ready for the public launch.

The three goals for the upcoming developer

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Save Thousands of Dollars by Paying More for Hosting

We’re going to show how you and your clients can save thousands of dollars a year by paying more for hosting. No typo.

While helping our customers, we log in to many sites. Sometimes, the control panel is slow. To see why it’s taking so long, my first stop used to be Extensions. Now it’s a quick trip to whoishostingthis.com.

Normally, the ExpressionEngine control panel is fast. Zippy even. There aren’t many pages in the control panel that should have an execution time of more than a second.

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Developer Preview Expanding

The Developer Preview program is expanding today to allow more developers to work directly with Ellislab, with these three basic changes:

  1. ExpressionEngine Reactor is officially closed
  2. The Developer Preview is now open to anyone with a publicly available add-on and an ExpressionEngine license
  3. Security reporters with a valid security report will be admitted to the developer preview

About two and a half years ago, we added ExpressionEngine Reactor as a supplement to our five year old Developer

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ExpressionEngine 2.8.2 Developer Preview

Late last week we released a Developer Preview for ExpressionEngine 2.8.2. Being that it’s a maintenance release, there should not be any changes required to update add-ons for compatibility.

However, since a few add-ons are still catching up to 2.8, we thought it would be best to open up another Developer Preview to provide an additional opportunity for third-party developers to get help from us and to communicate any issues impeding their add-ons from being compatible.

We are constantly looking at how we can improve how we work with third-party developers to enable their add-ons to be ready simultaneous with an ExpressionEngine feature release. We’ve noticed that some developers are having difficulty being ready on time, and we want to ensure that the pathway for them to communicate with our engineers is clear. So we thought we would create a page in our user guide to make it easier for folks to know about the existing Developer Preview Program, enjoy.

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Relative Dates in ExpressionEngine 2.8

An additional date formatting option is coming to ExpressionEngine 2.8. You will be able to output any date as a relative amount of time using new, flexible, date tag parameters, a la:

{entry_date:relative stop="+1 day" format="%F %d, %Y"

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Memory-Based Caching in ExpressionEngine 2.8

ExpressionEngine has always stored cached data on the disk. This is fine for most sites, but for the sites that get heavy traffic, caching to the filesystem can become a bottleneck. The solution is to store cached data in a memory-based cache store for faster retrieval. In ExpressionEngine 2.8, we’ve brought over caching drivers from CodeIgniter, allowing cached data to be stored in the filesystem or in a memory-based store such as Memcached or Redis.

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Sessions, Login Modals, and Secure Forms in ExpressionEngine 2.8

Security is one of our biggest concerns. However, all the security in the world doesn’t matter if it’s not used correctly. So in ExpressionEngine 2.8 we are making a few changes to ExpressionEngine’s security features to encourage good security habits.

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