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ExpressionEngine 3.0.4 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.0.4 is now available for download. You’ll find 30+ fixes this release, covering a wide swath of the code. File uploads now work for non-superadmins with proper permissions, the file picker now works when you have only a single upload directory, and we patched an intermittent issue with file synchronization. There were some important fixes to member management as well, especially if you have a large number of members. You can also approve pending members now, so it was

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ExpressionEngine 3.0.3 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.0.3 is out! 3 releases in 3 weeks- I’m starting to worry we’re going to sprain a developer.

This time the forum received lots of love, with several critical bug fixes going in. Now all of those folks who wanted to play with the ‘free in three’ forum module can do so!

There were also tweaks to Grid, custom field defaults, site and email settings and more. For a full list of changes, just visit the changelog.

Development also continues on the 3.1.0 release, with a new

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ExpressionEngine 3.0.2 Released

Hot on the heels of 3.0.1 we bring you 3.0.2! We fixed a over 20 bugs1. Notably, we had some relationship tag issues, and after some couple’s counseling and a few trust falls things are much better; adding a site in the Site Manager works flawlessly; categories cannot be their own parents; our custom field settings pages had a case of amnesia we are happy to report has cleared up, and it now remembers everything you tell it. We’ve also updated our docs here and there, removing a few embarrasing

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No-Risk Upgrade Sale

ExpressionEngine 3 upgrades are currently on sale now through November 12th, 2015. ExpressionEngine upgrades are $149 $99, and additional sites for Multiple Site Manager are $99 $49.

We know not every project is ready for the cutting edge, and you may be waiting on some add-ons before you are able to upgrade. So we’ve made the upgrade no-risk: you can continue to download version 2 until it is retired. That applies to new purchases, too.

To get started, visit your Manage Purchases page and

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ExpressionEngine Conference 2015 Keynote and Videos

We had a great time at the ExpressionEngine Conference in San Antonio last week. The conference did live-switch HD recording of the presentations and was able to have the videos available within hours. You can see all the other talks and a full-speaker Q&A panel on the ExpressionEngine Conference web site for just $99. This is a great value for those who couldn’t travel for the one-day event, especially our friends outside of North America. We are lobbying for an east coast location next

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ExpressionEngine 3 Is Here

ExpressionEngine 3 has landed, get it now! Here’s what’s new:

Brand New Control Panel

The control panel is redesigned and rewritten from the ground up with a consistent visual language and smart interactions that deliver a great experience. The useful dashboard is the first thing you notice when you log in to the fully responsive and mobile-friendly control panel.

mobile-friendly responsive control panel

James has shared his goals and process of building the new control panel in previous blog posts. The importance of consistency

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Version 2 End of Life

With the launch of ExpressionEngine 3, version 2 is now a legacy product. By legacy, we mean that it is not actively developed as a separate product, but not yet retired. It will continue to receive support, but is not available for purchase. Only major security concerns or defects that result in data loss will be fixed. You can read more about our end-of-life policy for legacy software in our FAQ.

For one year you will be able to download the latest release of version 2, even if you purchased

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ExpressionEngine Conference, Special Edition: October 15

A few months ago, the great folks who run the ExpressionEngine Conference asked us if we would participate in a special one-day event focusing on ExpressionEngine 3.0. We were more than happy to, and with the venue they are providing along the River Walk in San Antonio, how could we say no?

Here are the talks our team has planned:

  • Keynote Address: It took foundational changes to both EllisLab and ExpressionEngine to get to version 3.0. I’ll share what this new release brings and where

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Developer Preview Status Update for 3.0.0-dp.9

Here is a brief status update on the Developer Preview (DP), now in its 9th release.

DP9 - released August 28, 2015

  • 41 external-facing issues addressed
  • 413 commits
  • 195 changed files
  • 9,799 new lines of code and 6,097 deletions.

Today’s build introduces the Spam module, a new way to fight spam from your front-end forms that learns and improves its algorithms as it’s used. We’ve also changed the license settings screen to take a license file rather than a number. The build also fixes many

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Developer Preview Status Update for 3.0.0-dp.8

Here is a brief status update on the Developer Preview (DP), now in its 8th release.

DP8 - released August 21, 2015

  • 22 external-facing issues addressed
  • 205 commits
  • 866 changed files
  • 5,041 new lines of code and 5,442 deletions.

Off the heels of a mid-week release, this build added the ability to redirect a member or member group to another area of the control panel upon login, allowed third-party models to create relationships with first party modules, and includes the typical host of bug

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