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ExpressionEngine 3.3.2 Released

We’ve just released ExpressionEngine 3.3.2. Here are the highlights:

  • Saving entry revisions is now so automatic that we removed the “Save Revision” button.
  • Member Groups took their ginko biloba and can remember the Allowed Channels for other sites when updating Member Groups on a different site.
  • Markdown <code> blocks temporariliy only displayed temp, they too took their ginko biloba.
  • Disabled checkboxes should no longer look as enabled as enabled checkboxes do, which definitely never looked

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ExpressionEngine 3.3.1 Released

Let’s get down to business: ExpressionEngine 3.3.1 is out, here’s why you should update now:

  • Logging is now more verbose and will regale you with tales of users changing passwords, email addresses, member groups, and logging in as other users.
  • We eliminated some extra, duplicate, and redundant queries that were unnecessary when editing templates that are saved as files.
  • Fixed a security bug where logged out users could be shown altered system messages. (What? It’s a security bug, we don’t

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ExpressionEngine 3 E-Commerce is Here

Starting today you can get CartThrob for ExpressionEngine 3 in our store. Build content-first e-commerce sites with the most flexible CMS on the planet.

E-commerce for ExpressionEngine with CartThrob

When you use ExpressionEngine, you expect things to be flexible. To fit your design. To be secure. To have a great visitor experience that you have total control over. Why should you compromise those standards when you add e-commerce to your site?

CartThrob is a flexible e-commerce add-on, powered by ExpressionEngine. With the combination

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Introducing the Default Theme

ExpressionEngine is a powerful tool, perfect for skilled developers and designers to jump in and make their static website dynamic.

What about the person who just wants to put up a blog, fast?

That’s where the new default theme comes in.


The main goal with the default theme was simplicity. Something that looks good out of the box, but that wasn’t over designed or hard to change. The default theme had to be a starting point.

Towards this goal we made the design and structure

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ExpressionEngine 3.3.0 Released

This release represents one of the most productive releases by our team to date, and with it comes a bunch of new features. If you just want to download and get started right away, head on over and download it now. If you’d like to see what’s new, keep reading.

Channel Sets

Channel Sets

James talked about these last week and we’re very excited to see what you can do with Channel Sets. In a nutshell: Channel Sets allow you to reuse the structure that makes up a (group of) Channel(s): Field Groups,

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Introducing Channel Sets

I’ve built a lot of sites with ExpressionEngine. I love ExpressionEngine.

One thing that’s always been a hassle when building a new site is making all the custom fields and channels from scratch. It’s repetitive. Making new channels and fields is especially repetitive when you’ve already built fifty blogs/calendars/portfolios/etc.

In ExpressionEngine 3.3, we’re introducing Channel Sets.

With Channel Sets you can export a Channel or set of Channels. Then you can import that set into a new

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Time to Upgrade PHP

Now that both ExpressionEngine 3 and ExpressionEngine 2 are compatible with PHP 7, you may be wondering whether it’s worth the trouble asking your host to upgrade PHP. Why fix what’s not broken, right? If your host is resistant, certainly it’s not worth shopping for a better host, right?

There are three common myths for not updating your PHP version:

  • Web hosts don’t offer the newer version.
  • You don’t really gain a lot.
  • Things will break.

Let’s dispell these myths.

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SEO and User-friendly Ajax Pagination

This article will teach you how to make SEO-friendly and user-friendly Ajax pagination using ExpressionEngine in about 6 minutes.

Ajax Pagination animated example

Read on for a simple template technique that will help optimize pagination for your visitors and server resources.

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ExpressionEngine 3.2.1 Released

Hot on the heels of 3.2.0, we’re releasing ExpressionEngine 3.2.1. We’ve added one small change for developers and a few bug fixes, but this one is important:

Fixed a bug where the file field could lose content when saving existing entries.

This only affected file fields on previously created entries and it doesn’t delete your files, only a file field’s connection to that file. If you’re using 3.2.0, we recommend updating as soon as possible to prevent further data loss.

You can download

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ExpressionEngine 2.11.0 Released

Following in the footsteps of ExpressionEngine 3.1.0, we’re releasing ExpressionEngine 2.11.0 with support for PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7.

We also fixed a few annoying bugs, so now:

  • Your relationship issues may persist, but we’re working on ours:
    • No more errors on a publish page with relationships after an update.
    • Checking for self-referential relationships no longer causes errors—you can be your own best friend again!
    • Relationships no longer go unparsed in certain templates.
  • The RTE saves

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