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ExpressionEngine 3.2.1 Released

Hot on the heels of 3.2.0, we’re releasing ExpressionEngine 3.2.1. We’ve added one small change for developers and a few bug fixes, but this one is important:

Fixed a bug where the file field could lose content when saving existing entries.

This only affected file fields on previously created entries and it doesn’t delete your files, only a file field’s connection to that file. If you’re using 3.2.0, we recommend updating as soon as possible to prevent further data loss.

You can download

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ExpressionEngine 2.11.0 Released

Following in the footsteps of ExpressionEngine 3.1.0, we’re releasing ExpressionEngine 2.11.0 with support for PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7.

We also fixed a few annoying bugs, so now:

  • Your relationship issues may persist, but we’re working on ours:
    • No more errors on a publish page with relationships after an update.
    • Checking for self-referential relationships no longer causes errors—you can be your own best friend again!
    • Relationships no longer go unparsed in certain templates.
  • The RTE saves

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ExpressionEngine 3.2.0 Released

ExpressionEngine 3.2.0 is out the door and it’s packed to the brim with goodies:

  • Three new fieldtypes: URL, toggle, and email address. Prevent invalid URLs and email addresses before they ever happen. Toggle to your heart’s content:
    Everyday I'm toggling.
  • The forum module relives its glory days back when aliases and the publish tab worked.
  • The jQuery module is now both installable and deprecated. I’d just use a CDN if I were you…
  • The default database engine joins us in 2016 with a switch to InnoDB.
  • We added an

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Playa & Matrix Importer for ExpressionEngine 2

Today, we’re releasing a Playa and Matrix importer for ExpressionEngine 2. Playa and Matrix served common publishing needs and grew in popularity throughout ExpressionEngine’s history. We’ve since released and matured our native versions, the Relationship and Grid fieldtypes, to cover those same needs. Along with that came requests for a tool to migrate to our native solutions for the performance gain and to reduce dependencies.

Work started on a migration tool awhile back, but when Pixel &

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ExpressionEngine 3.1.4 Released

We just caught and fixed a bug in yesterday’s release that could result in data loss. It should only take a few seconds to update your site, but it is critical that you do so if your site makes use of the Comment module.

For a quick update from 3.1.3, after you download ExpressionEngine 3.1.4, simply replacing the system/ee folder and running the updater should do the trick.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, please accept our apologies along with some humble 3.1.4 pi.

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ExpressionEngine 3.1.3 Released

Just like a speedy and agile motorized drift trike we bring you ExpressionEngine 3.1.3 and announce that 3.2.0 is in Developer Preview! This patch release contains more than 30 bug fixes. Here are the highlights, but check out the changelog for the full list:

  • Added visual indicators to required grid columns.
  • Grid’s data type options now use the same names as the custom field’s type options.
  • When editing a grid column’s data type the options are now filtered based on field type compatibility.

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In-App Add-On Documentation Tip

Hey developers, thought I’d pass along a sweet GitHub feature I just discovered. No doubt you are already taking advantage of ExpressionEngine 3’s in-app documentation feature for your add-ons. And you probably are also using GitHub or Bitbucket to maintain your source code. Both of these fantastic sites render README.md files on the home page of your repository.

If you use the following package structure, then your build/distribution path is clean for end users, and your in-app documentation

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ExpressionEngine 2.10.3 Released

Near the end of December we gave our user guide a new home and we’ve been happy with it. Except there was one little glitch, all the v2 installs were still directing people to the old location! We’ve repaired that with 2.10.3. We also took the time to patch a few bugs (see our changelog).

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ExpressionEngine 3.1.2 Released

Full speed ahead, ExpressionEngine 3.1.2 is out the door! This is the second patch release for 3.1, and contains a couple dozen bug fixes. Some of the issues squashed:

  • Fixed a bug where relationship parsing could result in conditional errors.
  • Accessing some files should no longer wrongly accuse you of attempting to access files outside of a directory.
  • PHP 5.3 didn’t like something the Pages module was doing and complained loudly.
  • Deleting a field group didn’t delete its fields. Weak

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The Upgrade Sale is Back!

Our no-risk upgrade sale was so popular, now that 3.1 has launched with a bevy of great add-ons, we’re bringing it back! That means that ExpressionEngine 3 upgrades are $149 $99, and upgrading additional sites for your v2 license are $99 $49 each.

How is it no-risk? When you upgrade to v3, you still have access to the latest release of v2, so you can take your time migrating while benefitting from today’s savings. New purchases of version 3 include similar access.

The sale is active today

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