About EllisLab

Our History

We founded EllisLab in 2002 with the launch of a blogging application called pMachine Pro. A few years later we took everything we had learned from that experience and built ExpressionEngine, a powerful Content Delivery Platform, and CodeIgniter, an agile, open-source framework. Using these tools, web professionals can build nearly any type of dynamic website or application they can dream up. Today tens of thousands of people choose EllisLab software to build their sites, applications, and business with.

Our Business Model

Our business model is simple: We build software for web professionals, and enthusiastically support them. We like to have fun, but we’re focused about what we do.

Our Customers

A common trait shared by our customers is their need to build amazing things on the web. Our software is used by freelancers, web agencies, businesses of all sizes, Fortune 100 companies, and everyone in between. If you need to do great things online, we invite you to join us.