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Cjax Ajax Framework 5.4 for CodeIgnater
Posted: 26 February 2013 02:20 AM
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| There is a new version here:  5.5

Cjax 5.4 Now Available




Very pleased to announce the the release of version 5.4 of Cjax!.

This release is a maintenance release and deals with most if not ALL the issues people had in the past 3 months, and has some improvements.

No real issues were found, however many of you had issues with the requirements such as Strict Standards, and similar situations.  I have added automatic detection of these so that it is not longer an issue, now the framework will try to automatically turn it off if it is on.

Here are some of the new features or improvements

Support for keypress event
Ability for url element values to process Js modifiers and functions.
Fixed minor problems with plugin data processor
Enhanced some range statements
Removed autoloading factory function
Added extra php settings check to check for error display
Added Strict Standard Check and tries to automatically turn it off if it is on.
Added PHP version check, so it shows a message if your php versions is not compatible.
Fixed some notices
Enhanced the uploader and made more efficient and reliable. Re-did the ajax uploader documentation
Other fixes and improvements, Ajax upload preview image

This release will ensure a more “out of the box” feeling when installing Cjax, and deals with improvisations to server settings such an in error handling and strict standards. Recommended upgrading.


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