MojoMotor 1.1.0 Released!


In case you missed it, MojoMotor 1.1.0 is officially out! Along with a handful of bug fixes, this update brings two highly requested features that let you do even more with “less”.

First up is a brand-new layout type, Embed Content, which is every bit as powerful as it sounds. Create an Embed Content Layout containing your re-usable bit of code, then include it in all of the regular layouts you’d like. Edit it once, and your changes will instantly appear everywhere else.

The second required a good bit of tweaking under the hood, but you’ll be happy to know MojoMotor no longer requires the word “page” in URLs. Yes, you can now assign any URL to a Page and make it even cleaner and simpler than before.

Excited yet? Make sure you follow the latest update instructions, then go get your Mojo on!


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