EECI to Introduce Use of Speaker Guidelines

The upcoming 2012 US edition of the ExpressionEngine Conference in October will be the first event utilizing a newly published set of presenter’s guidelines to help make it an invaluable learning experience for attendees while being inclusive and family friendly. Here is a brief sample:

  • Tell a story.
    • Share success and failure (empathy & vulnerability reveal authenticity).
    • Dream big. Invite people into a larger story. What we do is never about the tools, but the amazing things people can accomplish with them that make the world better.
    • Make sure you get all ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter, and MojoMotor technical info vetted by EllisLab.

You can read the full EllisLab Presentation Guidelines for Events as well as how to implement them for your own ExpressionEngine community event at the EllisLab blog.

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