2.7 Grid-ready Add-ons


ExpressionEngine 2.7 added a new fieldtype called Grid, that allows you to group other fieldtypes together for repeating rows of content. Some fieldtypes require a small bit of additional development for full compatibility. All first party field types work with Grid:

  • Checkboxes
  • Date
  • File
  • Multi Select
  • Radio Buttons
  • Relationships
  • Select Dropdown
  • Text Input
  • Textarea

Additionally, the following third-party add-ons have confirmed compatibility from their developers. This is not an exhaustive list, of course—these are only add-ons that developers have contacted us to confirm compatibility—but we hope that by publishing it that our mutual users will have fewer places to look to see if their favorite third-party add-ons are compatible. devot:ee has added a search filter for Grid to help locate compatible add-ons as well. Between these two lists, there should be good coverage. We will be updating this list periodically as developers continue to confirm that they have made additional third-party add-ons Grid-ready.

Here is a direct link to the above list.

Comments & Feedback

  1. OMG Arnold smile

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  2. Note that the current version of Low Variables (v2.3.5) is not Grid compatible yet. The new version is, and will be released soon.

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  3. DevDemon’s Editor is listed as being supported, but I just installed Editor 3.1.5 and it does not allow use inside Grid. Are there any WYSIWYG editors currently supported?

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