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Whole Company Support


Whole company support. We didn’t invent that phrase, nor are we the first company to try it. I’m thankful to the companies who came before us and brought it to our consciousness, as it gave us confidence to give it a shot ourselves. We’ve been trying it since just after the ExpressionEngine Conference last October and I thought I’d share some of our experiences.

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How to Knock Off [a Maker’s] Bag


We typically only blog about software and the web, but since we subscribe to a maker philosophy ourselves, we are inspired and delighted at others who get it, including those in totally different industries. Personally I’m a fan of Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather. He recently published a clever video demonstrating how the thought that is put into every detail and treating nothing as insignificant really makes their products stand out—by giving instructions on how to counterfeit their work. We couldn’t resist sharing.

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EllisLab Q&A at the ExpressionEngine Conference


EllisLab’s entire staff will be participating in a Q&A session at the upcoming ExpressionEngine Conference on Monday at 11am. While we will be fielding live questions from the audience, we are also taking questions in advance that the moderator will ask. This allows people who are planning on going to one of the other two talks at 11am (or who cannot attend the conference at all) to have an opportunity to have their questions answered. With so many people on our panel, it also helps us coordinate the short fifty minutes so that we can answer as many questions as possible in a sane manner. It also has the benefit of eliminating potentially long lines at the microphones.

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ExpressionEngine 2.7.0 Released


Today, we’re releasing ExpressionEngine 2.7.0 which includes several new features, improvements and stability updates. We’re also releasing MSM 2.1.6 with stability and compatibility updates. Here’s a look at some of the new things in ExpressionEngine 2.7.0.

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ExpressionEngine Conference 2013


EllisLab is participating in this year’s ExpressionEngine Conference in full force. Our entire staff will be on hand and available to talk to throughout the event and we are scheduled for four different sessions:

  • Opening remarks and the State of ExpressionEngine from EllisLab’s Chief Maker, Derek Jones.
  • A Q & A Session with the entire team, moderated by conference organizer Brad Parscale.
  • Gremlins in the Gears: Troubleshooting tips and tricks from EL’s own. The EllisLab Customer Advocate Team (CATs) will present hands on walk-throughs of real world troubleshooting.  Come discuss the tools, techniques and processes you can use to assess and resolve site problems on the fly.
  • Evolving a Large Codebase, presented by veteran Software Engineer Pascal Kriete. How to make sweeping changes quickly without sacrificing stability and backwards compatibility.

We also have a small reward for early bird registrants…

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EllisLab Seeking New Owner for CodeIgniter


EllisLab prepares to say farewell to a much beloved product.

CodeIgniter is one of the world’s most popular Open Source PHP frameworks, used by thousands of developers powering hundreds of thousands of sites, in addition to being deployed as the underpinning of every ExpressionEngine installation. As of this writing it is the second most watched PHP project hosted at GitHub, eclipsing Slim, Yii, CakePHP, Zend, and Laravel in either followers, contributors, or both. It has the highest number of forks of any PHP project at GitHub of all time. It is used by everyone from AT&T to Home Depot to Dictionary.com, to Rachael Ray to Magento to the Mail & Guardian, to the Universities of Missouri, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, and more (Sources: builtwith.com, wappalyzer.com). And it is used as the server-side back end for many mobile apps.

Throughout its seven year life thus far, CodeIgniter has consistently received praise for being both speedy and surefooted. Small and lightweight, resistant to feature bloat, retaining compatibility with contemporary technology, the framework earned the reputation of being low-risk and high-gain, which fueled its worldwide adoption.

So why are we we looking for a new home for CodeIgniter?

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Competition, Ethics, and Add-ons


EllisLab is committed to making ExpressionEngine the best content management platform available. Today’s developer preview for ExpressionEngine 2.7 includes a feature that was previously only available through the third-party add-on market: a fieldtype that allows authors to used grouped fieldtypes to publish any number of rows of related content within an entry. We’re calling it Grid, and it’s great for photo galleries, addresses, product details, baseball statistics and more. We thought it would be beneficial to provide some insight into this decision, as well as answer some pertinent questions about the third-party market for ExpressionEngine in general.

Grid field example

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EllisLab.com Site Improvements


This past weekend we were offline for an hour or two just after midnight early Saturday morning performing some site maintenance. Hopefully you have noticed a major difference in the speed of our site. These improvements are a direct result of finally having time to move to our official hosting partner, Nexcess.

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EllisLab.com Site Maintenance


Beginning at approximately 12:30 a.m. Eastern time Saturday, May 11, we will be performing some scheduled site maintenance and may experience momentary downtime. We expect to be working for a few hours, though do not anticipate being offline for the whole process. As always, we will keep our online documentation available in the event that the main site is offline. You can of course download ExpressionEngine’s documentation for offline use at any time using the links at the top right of any page of the user guide.

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New Trademark Use Policy


We have published a new trademark use policy that covers all aspects of using EllisLab trademarks in your endeavors, whether for commercial or non-commercial use. For simplicity, these guidelines are identical across the board for ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter, MojoMotor, and all other text and logo marks owned and used by EllisLab.

Now instead of spending time investigating and answering each request individually, we are able to provide our community with a clear and open picture of the acceptable use of EllisLab’s trademarks. We hope you find the published guidelines to be liberal, simple to understand, and easy to follow.

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