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Template Layouts in ExpressionEngine 2.8

In ExpressionEngine 2.8, we’re happy to introduce Template Layouts and if you know embeds, then this will be the easiest thing you learn all week.

{layout="site/.layout" title="The Title"

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Relative Dates in ExpressionEngine 2.8

An additional date formatting option is coming to ExpressionEngine 2.8. You will be able to output any date as a relative amount of time using new, flexible, date tag parameters, a la:

{entry_date:relative stop="+1 day" format="%F %d, %Y"

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Memory-Based Caching in ExpressionEngine 2.8

ExpressionEngine has always stored cached data on the disk. This is fine for most sites, but for the sites that get heavy traffic, caching to the filesystem can become a bottleneck. The solution is to store cached data in a memory-based cache store for faster retrieval. In ExpressionEngine 2.8, we’ve brought over caching drivers from CodeIgniter, allowing cached data to be stored in the filesystem or in a memory-based store such as Memcached or Redis.

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Sessions, Login Modals, and Secure Forms in ExpressionEngine 2.8

Security is one of our biggest concerns. However, all the security in the world doesn’t matter if it’s not used correctly. So in ExpressionEngine 2.8 we are making a few changes to ExpressionEngine’s security features to encourage good security habits.

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ExpressionEngine 2.8.0 Developer Preview

We’ve been quiet… which means we’ve been hard at work. Developers in our Preview program just received our latest work for the upcoming release of ExpressionEngine 2.8.0. This is a feature release and we’re stoked.

The purpose of our Developer Preview is to ensure that prevalent commercial add-ons are ready to go on the same day we release. If you’re interested in joining, please email Wes Baker and include a link to your publicly-available commercial add-ons in your request.

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Whole Company Support

Whole company support. We didn’t invent that phrase, nor are we the first company to try it. I’m thankful to the companies who came before us and brought it to our consciousness, as it gave us confidence to give it a shot ourselves. We’ve been trying it since just after the ExpressionEngine Conference last October and I thought I’d share some of our experiences.

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Escape from Parameter Hell

I’ve been doing a lot of interface design, of late. When first designing a system, it’s pretty easy to keep interfaces simple. It’s easy enough to write functions and methods such that they only need a few things. But as design progresses, or as you use a system, interfaces change. You need to pass more information. Parameters previously required become optional. Your interfaces become cluttered. Welcome to Parameter Hell.

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How to Knock Off [a Maker’s] Bag

We typically only blog about software and the web, but since we subscribe to a maker philosophy ourselves, we are inspired and delighted at others who get it, including those in totally different industries. Personally I’m a fan of Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather. He recently published a clever video demonstrating how the thought that is put into every detail and treating nothing as insignificant really makes their products stand out—by giving instructions on how to counterfeit their work. We couldn’t resist sharing.

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Fully Removing index.php From URLs

We recently updated our user guide’s article on removing index.php from URLs, and it includes a pretty important change worth noting here.

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ExpressionEngine 2.7.3 Released

ExpressionEngine 2.7.3 is now available for download. It is a stability release recommended for all users that includes a few additions and over 40 bug fixes.

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